Black Leather Jesus - Top on Trial CD [CH-378]


      What would the world be without Black Leather Jesus? The amount of time I’ve spent thinking about Richard Ramirez and Black Leather Jesus is staggering. Richard conceiving the idea for Deadline. Richard creating the first Black Leather Jesus tape. The covers. The atmosphere. The vision. The overwhelming nature of the output.

      “Where do I enter?” must be a question for anyone newly initiated. “Jesus is Stoned”? “Bondage Mechanism”? The split with MSBR? Any of those are mandatory and are among the greatest 90s noise releases. But what about Black Leather Jesus in 2024? “Top on Trial” may just be the answer.

      The filth of the floor sticks to the skin. Attempting to wash it away only creates a further mess. The abandonment of civility leads to new sensations yet explored. This is the action I crave when putting on a Black Leather Jesus release. Going deeper into the basement than was thought imaginable. Seeking out what hides in every corner. Cock as guide. Tongue as mop.

      “Top on Trial” is housed in classifieds provided by an expert on the subject, Jeffrey Jinx and smut from Richard's own collection. This is the entry point when stepping into the sphere of tea room hustlers and seat spreading nymphomaniacs. Black Leather Jesus is the darkness that overtakes my thoughts when they are still but ready to explode in a frenzy of deviance. Embracing this energy is an accepted outcome. Most do not understand this. Black Leather Jesus does. This album does.

      Noise crawls into the speakers and out onto my skin. Porn sends me reeling. I sweat and squirm until I slowly reach the summit of the rollercoaster. That moment right before the cum. I want it to last forever. I have hundreds of images running at breakneck speed and I try to focus on just one. Before I know it, the crest is breached. It’s over in seconds. Rinse and repeat.

      Without Black Leather Jesus, I wouldn’t have anywhere to go when I need this rush. When I need to pry open locked doors. When I require new perversions. When I demand sonic destruction. I don’t want to imagine a world without Black Leather Jesus. I don’t have to. I can insert “Top on Trial” again and again and again.

— Mike Connelly

Editon of 200 in reverse-board digipak. Photos don't do it justice.

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