Death Kneel "Dawn Simulation" CD [CH-386]

  • Death Kneel "Dawn Simulation" CD [CH-386]
  • Death Kneel "Dawn Simulation" CD [CH-386]

"After a series of landmark solo releases on Total Black, Strange Rules and others, as well as four sublime LP’s as drummer/vocalist for Toronto’s incomparable, shapeshifting Tomb Mold, Max Klebanoff of DK delivers his Chondritic debut:

Dawn Simulation.

A new, practiced sculpture. His finest conceit yet, devotedly tooled.

A climax of concrete, nausea, delight. Small creatures lost in wet tunnels. Heady and unpretentious. Heavy, clean, disgusting. Dense and subtle. Terror broadcast above the maze of alleys and razor wire. A television transmits ovaries and auras. Dawn breaks over sewers, the endless empty run of echoing streets. If you open yourself, you will come out changed. An endless end. Our doom, folly, pleasure, paralysis. The page turns to the next, fevered, vista.

We’ll call this essential."

— Lee Landey (Oil Thief)

CD In full color gloss digipak, edition of 200 copies

Cover art & photography by Claudia Dyboski
Mastered by Grant Richardson
Layout by Greh Holger