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Kneeling Knave "Skin Presence" C30, C30 + Lathe [CH-346]


Skin Presence is Kneeling Knave's final release, which further expands upon Australian Cooper Bowman's esoteric style of obtuse industrial. Eight tracks carved from burnt sand utilizing an array of warbling synthesizers, stuttering drum machines, and his trademark choked, imperious vocal style. The face in the mirror isn't yours anymore. It bears no resemblance to the interior world. Let it go.

Release date Feb 13, 2020.

Painted cassette, color ink on silver paper. Edition of 100.
Edition of 18 in 7" box with lathe-cut 7".

One lathe edition per customer. Lathe boxset will being shipping by Feb 28, 2020. Overseas may require more shipping.