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Max Kuiper & Thorsten Soltau "Animi Sub Volpe Latentes" C25 [CH-321]


Animi Sub Volpe Latentes (latin for "under the skin of a fox") is the third conceptual work by Max Kuiper and Thorsten Soltau after Roman Feast and A Grape From Thor Heyerdahl’s Table in early 2014.

The music is dedicated to the chapbook of "Reynard the Fox/Reynke de Vos" from 1491. Parts of the fable were acoustically scored by German artist Thorsten Soltau with a reduced setup consisting of harpsichord and piano, cut into loops and treated with ancient studio techniques. The music features a very minimal stripped approach - to leave freedom for the producer.

These demos formed the base for two long versions of the material produced by dutch artist Max Kuiper. Max used his own acoustic instruments and sounds as well throughout the production – shaping the original demo material into dense structures and medieval patterns with a personal view on the material. Originally meant to feature voices reciting parts of the tale, only one track features voice elements. The other was planned and produced entirely instrumental.

Edition of 100 painted and labelled cassettes, double-sided color artwork on metallic paper. Includes a download featuring 3 demos not included on the cassette.