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Shredded Nerve "In the Shadow of What Never Was" LP [CH-325]

$10.00 / On Sale

In The Shadow of What Never Was is the first full length record by Justin Lakes aka Shredded Nerve. Written and recorded throughout 2014 in a frenzied state during a final year in his birthplace; In The Shadow Of What Never Was is a meditation on the transformative effects of near death experiences. Aiming to connect observed parallels between chaotic events in the lives of strangers and Justin's own understanding of stressful environments.

The A side "Closer to the End" is a three part composition that focuses on the timeline of May 16,1986. Crude and distant devices create tension that builds until there's nothing left but an alarming and discomforting reality. Mundane power electronics and crumbling walls of tape come and go. The B side is a quadriptych arrangement dwelling on the effects of prolonged periods of fear. Serene environments are quickly corrupted. Acceptance is inevitable. Long live figure eight mentality.

Vinyl edition of 319 copies on black vinyl, in gold & black jackets with download code.