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Skin Graft "Hell in the Blood" CD [CH-360]

  • Skin Graft "Hell in the Blood" CD [CH-360]
  • Skin Graft "Hell in the Blood" CD [CH-360]

There are those among us who have witnessed the singular fury of Wyatt Howland's long running Skin Graft project carving out a rust-shaped hole in noise since the mid-2000s, and those who have only heard tales. Tape after tape Howland has proven not only his taste for the metallic bite of distortion, the synapse frying screech of feedback and the unending churn of bass thunder, but also his tenacity to mix them in equal parts pleasure and punishment. Recorded in the gutters of Cleveland, Ohio, "Hell in the Blood" is his first solo CD since 2011's "Dystrophy" on Aaron Dilloway's Hanson Records, following suit from the excellent "Accessible World" CD collaboration with John Wiese. Featuring vocals and collage art from partner-in-grime Yohimbe, Skin Graft moves through 4 blistering pieces of ugly, dense harsh noise. This is nasty, visceral stuff.

Play this loud or don't play it at all.