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V/A "Having To Talk Destroys The Symphony Of Silence" 2xCS

  • V/A "Having To Talk Destroys The Symphony Of Silence" 2xCS
  • V/A "Having To Talk Destroys The Symphony Of Silence" 2xCS
  • V/A "Having To Talk Destroys The Symphony Of Silence" 2xCS

HAVING TO TALK DESTROYS THE SYMPHONY OF SILENCE, is a special edition four-way compilation featuring Richard Ramirez, Hive Mind, VOMIR, and Astro (A/K/A Hiroshi Hasagawa and Rocoh).This is a limited special edition of 50 boxsets, pro-dubbed on red/white cassette shells, cased in a black box, and set with black leather obi strips. An edition of 500 2LPs will be announced for order in the new year.

There are no words or genres that can do any justice to the four unique pieces on this unique compilation. It’s truly impossible to articulate the sonic experience without listening to it yourself.

Hive Mind is the solo project of multidisciplinary LA based artist Greh Holger, who is behind the infamous and prestigious label Chondritic Sound. Like Richard Ramirez, Greh is exceedingly prolific. With many note-worthy collaborations, side projects, and alternative aliases, we wouldn’t know where to start.

Hive Mind begins the program with a piece from the vault - a 0hz-200hz sub induced journey, with signature Hive Mind low frequency oscillation and filter sweeps, graveling at the inner depths of the bowels. As the volume increases, each movement thoughtfully follows, giving the listener a hypnotic, trance like experience. Emotion transcends. Greh collages the sonic dynamics, returning to the sub-bass and grumbling classic MS-20 growls. The piece slowly edges up your spine and crawls into your ears while a light shines through emotive high end expression. It concludes with pure content, silence.

Richard Ramirez follows within a similar expression and practice. Like his 500+ audio releases, Richard uses predominantly homemade noise sources, using things from the earth, like rocks and human-made, decomposed and repurposed steel and metal. At times, the piece works in conjunction with an extremely well crafted controlled feedback - and at other times, sporadic squealing feedback.

VOMIR is the project of Romain Perrot, a noise artist based in Paris, France. With over 300 releases to his name, VOMIR is unquestionably a pioneer of the harsh noise aesthetic. He describes his brutal monolithic sound as: “No change, no development, no ideas, no remorse.” For this release, VOMIR offers his own repetitive, atmospheric harsh noise wall. With audio feedback - the frequency of the resulting sound is determined by resonance frequencies in the transduced audio signal and the acoustics of the room, the directional pick-up and emission patterns of the audio signal loop between the speaker, and the distance between them.

Astro is a Japanese noise unit that began in 1993 as the solo project of Hiroshi Hasegawa, who is best known for being a founding member, along with Mayuko Hino, of the legendary noise group C.C.C.C. (Cosmic Coincidence Control Center). In 2013, Astro became a duo with the addition of Rohco (Hiroko Hasegawa). The group has had an undeniable impact on Japanese noise culture.

What Astro aka Hiroshi Hasegawa has to offer emcompasses all similar characteristics, yet, founded in his own calibre in his own sphere of the world - Japan in 1993. The vocabulary to describe the conclusive piece, whose name pays homage to the concept, “A Challenge to the Opposing Concepts of Silence and Noise” has already been played out.