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Smokey Emery "Things Done Changed" CD [CH-366]


Debut CD release from longtime friend of the label Daniel Hipólito's Smokey Emery alias. On the edges of perception, a scattered life lived in dreams, a wish still unfulfilled, half-forgotten and distant memories of the way things used to be. There was a parade... or was it raining? But when the sun came out, did we... did we? Shutting the alarm clock off over and over again. A vague assumption is the better view, the reality is worse; soured.

Everything I've told you about Smokey Emery is true. This is the evocative, haunting ambient music you've been waiting for, full of hope and disappointment, shining metal and monochrome emptiness. A cascade of emotions in audio form, beautiful fruit ripe for picking or the pleasure of watching it rot on the vine. And with that, I've run out of words. You should just listen to it.

CD in 4p digipak.

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