About Lathes

Lathes are records cut one at a time, also sometimes referred to as a dubplate. Because of this, they are unique and take an extreme amount of care to create. There may be some surface noise, imperfections and general weirdness with lathe-cut records. This is to be expected. We use high quality needles, a refurbished lathe machine and vintage laquers for our 6.5" lathes, as well as high-quality polycarbonate for our 7" square lathes.

The vintage round 6.5" lathes on Chondritic Sound are cut inside-out, which means you'll need to start your needle at the groove closest to the center of the record. The clear square 7" lathes play outside-in (as normal). The lathes don't come with the center-hole punched out. This is both so you know your lathe is unplayed and because of the way we affix the center labels. I suggest feeling the label to note the center hole (not the smaller off-center "locking hole") and punching an X through the labels on both sides before placing it on your turntable.