Hive Mind "Beneath Triangle and Crescent" LP [CH-271]

$15.00 - $55.00

Some of the most dark and industrious Hive Mind material to date, originally released on Heath Moerland's Fag Tapes imprint back in 2008. The more structured and rhythmic construction of these pieces is infused with an inspiration taken from 90s German and French heavy electronics projects like Dagda Mor, Inade, Derniere Volonte and Les Joyaux de la Princesse. Recorded heavily under the crushing presence of opiates, even the song titles themselves play a part in casting the negative shadow of this release. This contains some of Hive Mind's earliest forays into both melody and industrial rhythmic elements as the pieces drag, thud and shiver with a distinct energy not found in much of the earlier drone work. Auto-melodic tones come paired at times with crude, hand-hammered slews of notes while Holger's trademark synth-drone rumbles beneath like a kept beast. Each piece progresses to nastier and darker territory, erupting and collapsing at the end of the title track.

Standard edition of 413 on black vinyl.
Special edition of 86 on green vinyl with additional 20 minute cassette.
Artists edition of 23 on green vinyl with signed, numbered painting and additional 20 minute cassette.

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