Various Artists "Live at Maldoror: Volume One" CS [MAL1]


MALDOROR is Los Angeles's only monthly party dedicated to showcasing a broad spectrum of both emerging and established "live electronics" acts from the international dark underground. Styles as disparate as power electronics and synthpop share a home at Maldoror, paying equal attention to both the "true industrial" style descended from Throbbing Gristle and the more dance-oriented sounds first popularized by Kraftwerk. The cassette compilations "Live at Maldoror" Volumes I & II showcase 18 artists who have performed at the party, electronic groups who make limited use of backing tracks, eschewing convenient 21st Century technology in favor of hardware, both analog and digital, to be the foundations of their live music. Ranging from moody, emotive synthpop (Body Of Light, INHALT) and dispassionate hardware techno (Phase Fatale, Granite Mask) to menacing industrial (Puce Mary, Bad News) and classic EBM (High-Functioning Flesh, Animal Bodies), these cassettes are a definitive example of the state of the true underground live electronics scene around the globe in 2015. All tracks are taken from board recordings made of the parties each month, with plans for a VHS/DVD of video of the performances.

This cassette includes songs from Bad News, Body of Light, Inhalt, Burial Hex, Victor Portsmouth, High-Functioning Flesh, Some Ember, Window and Business Etiquette.

Professionally duplicated cassettes and double-sided printed cover.

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