Sleeping with the Earth - Now, Tomorrow, The Last CD [CH-369]


The first full-length CD from Sleeping with the Earth in his 25+ year history, "Now, Tomorrow, the Last" pushes a unique vision of death industrial through crude, broken and modified equipment. The pieces here are not routine or easily-repeatable, instead salvaged from the electricity and bottled to tape. Machined rhythms hammer away while the circuits overload and a displaced fragment of humanity howls against the pandemonium.

Long-time Chondritic listeners will know Sleeping with the Earth from the 2005's Waiting 3". The project, while continually active since the late 90s, has a sparse but powerful discography. Rectifying this was the impetus for SWTE to come to Los Angeles in 2014 to record with yours truly (GH) working the 4-track and mixing. The resulting album flowed over the span of the few days, having been constantly refined and reimagined over years of live performances.

Edition of 300 in handsome silver & black digipak.
Co-released with Troniks.

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