Various Artists "A Silver Line Marks the Flag" CD [VW-01]


"A Silver Line Marks the Flag" is a diverse and overpowering 79 minute compilation CD of artists who use Verdant Weapons in their setups. The roster of Chondritic Sound stalwarts and accomplices speaks for itself: Skin Crime, Dust Belt, Hasufel, JT Whifield, Yellow Gas Flames, Prurient, Ron Morelli, Black Sand Desert, Lussuria, Feudal, Pod Blotz, G.S.E.D, Oil Thief, Liebestod, Les Temps Barbares, The Cherry Point, Himukalt and Theta.

Some time in 2015, the concept for Verdant Weapons was born. Actualizing this took until early 2018 when we launched our first microphones. Since then, our tools have been steadily finding their way into the capable hands of a variety of artists and from them further into their audience's ears.

Edition of 500 copies with black artwork on silver paper.
Mastered by Grant Richardson.
Artwork by P. Van Trigt.

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