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Hive Mind "Hollow Slumber" CD [DI-CD-2]



Initially inaudible on the wrong set of speakers - not to mention potentially damaging - Hollow Slumber is a slow creeping fog of oppressive low end bass that is only fully perceivable after it has begun to envelope the room, reaching suffocating levels of density and offering little reprieve from its churning, tenebrous void.

Originally conceived for CD in 2006, but left stranded after the prospective label suddenly shuttered after one release, Hollow Slumber was eventually issued as an edition of 30 cassettes in 2008 on Chondritic Sound. Unceremoniously split in two and edited by 4 minutes to fit the C-30s that were on hand, Hollow Slumber has never been available in its intended form or fidelity, until now.

Difficult Interactions is proud to restore this unique and uncompromising entry in the Hive Mind catalog to its rightful place with a new 4-panel digipak CD edition, remastered by Grant Richardson under the specific direction to ignore playback compatibility with small stereo systems.

CD in 4-panel digipak. Art by JT Tatum.

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