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Crawl of Time "Operation Black Widow" CD [CH-356]


Crawl Of Time is the long awaited solo project from Sam Torres of Terror Cell Unit, Koufar, and Miscreant infamy. Sam has been hacking away for many years piecing not only this full-length release together, but also ensuring sonically and thematically a very unique and original approach within the PE/Industrial realm. “Operation Black Widow” is the sum of it all. This tape focuses on the Nuestra Familia gang, their history, the creation and installation of an industrial complex called La Machina, and its themes of mind control and domination that come with gang life. For life. Whether it’s the prison sentence granted or the four dots blasted. There is no out, no grace, no light at the end of the tunnel for your commitment.

"Operation Black Widow" plays out much like a Nicholas Refn film. Slowly moving, churning stoicism with explosions of the crudest violence. This is the purest sound of dread, of being forced to do deeds you know you can do but don’t want to. The dread of your end creeping up on you. The dread of the consequences of your actions. This album puts on display what happens when the oppressed become the oppressors. When one undergoes this transformation, ones capability of violence is heightened and made legendary. Terrifying those that once dealt you harm. Holding onto power by any means and then doing ones best to live with the sadness that lingers afterwards. After anger comes the tears and after the tears come the smiles and after the smiles comes the anger… an eternal painfully slow process that is the Crawl of Time.

The true power in this release is that it was created all from the point of view of someone whose had active/defunct members in their family and having grown up around it. This release was not born out of “research,” “obsession” or “fun”. This release has been a 30-year exorcism in the making. There is a frightening genuineness to this release, a type that puts one in their place quite quickly and effectively. The sounds of demons, swirling above your head at night and hiding in every shadow you see. There are times that I’ve listened to this release where I remember Sam telling me when we were in the Netherlands touring, “I wasn’t supposed to be here.” About how he had managed to walk a razor tight line with how and where he grew up. How his pops put him in red Cortez’s at a young age. OG since birth. It's chilling sometimes how close we flirt with the infinite and just don’t know it. How close sometimes we are born to it without asking and meanwhile God has other plans. The gravity of this release is severe and demands your respect, whether by choice or force. It’s what it is.

Strike the Shepard and the sheep will scatter."

—Mack Chami

Reissue of the original zine made for the excellent tape on Fusty, with the CD and poster from the Chondritic Sound edition. Now with heavy red cardstock cover. Edition of 100.

*Does not include the CD digipak.

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