Lee Landey / Various Artists "The Long Morning" BOOK + CD [CH-370]


Lee Landey of Oil Thief presents his first collection of written work, The Long Morning and Other Stories, published by Chondritic Sound.

Camp, horror and history collide in this expansive debut, a maelstrom of paranoid science fiction from the Chondritic stalwart. From neo-noir, to vampires in space, to the 1893 World’s Fair, Landey weaves a sequence of interconnected tales to sicken and bewilder, to assuage and deform. Literary, playful, full of love and fear, it is a collection for today and tomorrow.

Featuring an accompanying CD of original pieces composed for each story, the aural companion includes Landey’s own Oil Thief, new tracks from Chondritic head Greh Holger’s Hive Mind, as well as material from E-Saggila, Death Kneel and Failing Lights. A diverse coalition and a substantial release in its own right, the compilation collects 80 minutes of original material. Mastered by Grant Richardson.

The volume is additionally ornamented with full-page artwork from a varied host of Los Angeles artists, including illustrations from Solita Montoya, Lawrence Pearce, Meghan Tryon and Johann Mun, as well as collage work from Greh Holger and a cover piece prepared by Berlin’s Sam Lubicz.

What frivolity youth begets! Every small history is an infinity of knowing.

134 page perfect-bound book with 80min compilation CD.

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