Various Artists "At The End of the Rope" 2xCD [CH-20]


Repackaged version of the classic Chondritic Sound compilation of nasty noise and power electronics, originally released in 2005. Over a decade hasn't been able to take any of the edge off of this thing. Two discs, separately themed on strangulation and auto-erotic asphyxiation, each disc is stuffed to the gills with morbid and harsh filth. Features tracks by Atrax Morgue, Cleanse, Clew of Theseus, Concrete Violin, Control, Deathpile, Dødsdømd, Eeyow Karoom, Gruntsplatter, Hentai, Immaculate:Grotesque, Inhalant, Lefthandeddecision, Mania, Moribund, Navicon Torture Technologies, Nicole 12, Omei, Priest in Shit, Propergol, Prurient, Redrot, Richard Ramirez, Sickness, Slogun, Steel Hook Prostheses, Stegm, T.E.F., Viodre, and Whorebutcher.

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