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Robert Turman "Beyond Painting" CD [CH-357]


We are proud to present the first proper CD edition of Beyond Painting, a essential work among many by Robert Turman. Originally recorded in 1990, but only first released in 2010 on CDR, later getting a 2LP pressing in 2013. Ornate, majestic and emotive ambient compositions, carefully using simple loops, faded synth melodies alongside a mysterious array of instruments. These seven pieces tug at the memory, vague outlines on the horizon seem to climb over each other as they fade away, never quite sure of where they end or begin anymore. Turman never lets them unravel too far, as there's always a subtle trace buried somewhere within each piece, a simple thread to follow through.

Edition of 300 CDs in digipak with gloss silver framing a painting by Robert Turman. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk.

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